Türk Müzik Yarışması 1
Presenter(s) Ipek Karapinar, Hazar Motan
Broadcaster TRT
Entries 10
System 100% Televoting
Winner Flag of Turkey "Dan Dan"
Türk Müzik Yarışması
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On the 7th June 2018 the Head of Delegation of Turkey announced that the country would be taking part in the seventh edition, and that a National Selection would be help to choose the nation's entry.


The presenters were announced to be the Turkish actors Ipek Karapinar and Hazar Motan.


Competing entries

After discussions with both the delegation and professional jury panels, the 10 entries were decided. The artists were confirmed on 8/6/2018. The first 5 songs were revealed on 9/6, and the last 5 ones on 10/6. All songs were in Turkish.

Artist Song (English Translation)
Ajda Pekkan "Yakarım Canını" (Burn Your Life)
Atiye "Maazallah" (Shadowed)
Bengu "Kuzum" (My Chuck)
Demet Akalin "Calkala" (Shake It)
Derya Uluğ "Ne Münasebet" (Far From It)
Edis "Buz Kırağı" (Ice Frost)
Emrah Karaduman "Destinesia" (Destination)
Fatma İşcan "Dur" (Stop)
Gülşen "Dan Dan" (Bang Bang)
Melis Kar "Kibir (Aerro Remix)" (Arrogance)


The 10 competing entries are all qualifiers for the final.

In the final, there are 270 available points. Firstly, 5 Turkish musicians will rank the songs with a style of 12-10-8-6-4-2-1. All points will be added up and divided by 2, to make us 108 points, 40% of the total votes. Also, viewers at home will be able to support their favourite acts, and all SMSs will be adjusted so that they make 162 points overall, 60% of the available votes. The song collecting the most votes wins the selection and represents Turkey in TBA.

The above system was the original idea, however, due to internal difficulties, the delegation only took televotes into account. Despite the fact that the full official results were never announced, it was announced that "Dan Dan" was the winner, with a massive lead over the rest songs. "Kibir" represented the country in the OGAE Second Chance 07 contest though.

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