Russian Song Festival is an annual music competition organised by the Russian broadcaster Russia 1. It determines the country's representative for the Europa Song Contest.


Many different songs and performers have entered Russian Song Festival. To be eligible, performers must have any connection to Russia- born there, raised there or have ancestry from Russia.


Edition Artist Song Points

(Russian Song Festival)

Margin Position in Europa
#04 Flag of Russia Yulia Savicheva "Ne Boysya" 27.03% 0.54% SF 14th, 103 points
#06 Flag of Russia Valeriya "Lyubov I Bol 31.44% 1.68% SF 13th, 115 points
#07 Flag of Russia Flag of Greece Polina Gagarina "Kamen Na Serdtse" 32.65% 4.73% F 16th, 180 points
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