Pink Angels
Pink Angels (2014)
Origin Czech Republic
Genres Dance music, teen pop
Years active 2016-present
Website pink angles
Members Nikola Mertlová, Anhelina Shestakov, Tereza Haklová, Natalie Skotnický

Pink Angels, formerly 5Angels, is a girl pop group from Czech Republic with emphasis on dance routines. The group consists of five girls between the ages 15–17 and they have released five albums.

5Angels was formed in December 2007 by one of the girls' father Michal Mertl. The members were chosen among students of dance studio AT Studio Domino in Prague in a competition. The original members were Kristýna, Niki, Týna, Nikola and Tereza. Tereza left the group in Spring 2008, and was replaced by Diana. A more radical change in the group happened in August 2009 when Kristýna, Niki and Týna (all but the founder's daughter Nikola) left. Their departure was shrouded with hostile atmosphere, and there was information that that was the end of the band. In October Kristýna, Niki and Týna formed their own group, Diamond Cats together with a fourth member, Hana, but 5angels also continued with Nikola and four newly recruited members: Angelina, Míša, Tereza and Vendy. Míša was replaced by Veronika in June 2013 and Vendy was replaced by Naty in April 2015.

The girls in the group have background in competitive dance or gymnastics in which many have national level achievements. Some have previous experience acting on TV or in commercials.

The original team performed on numerous television shows in Czech republic and Slovakia and on live stages. Some of the important public shows were Czech X-Factor final show in 2008, and a concert in the Lucerna in Prague. Each of the girls earn more than their parents.

The music has been produced by producer and composer Stano Šimor.

In September 2013, 5Angels were special guests on CBBC show Blue Peter where they performed their new song "World Domination". They supported boyband Union J on their 2013/14 winter tour. They are signed and managed in the UK by record producer Denis Ingoldsby of Amber Entertainment, who has previously worked with Girls Aloud, Blazin' Squad and Eternal. They are now becoming popular in many countries across Europe.

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