Muzikalen Festival na Bŭlgariya 4
Final 16 October 2018
Broadcaster BNT
Entries 5
System 100% Televoting
Muzikalen Festival na Bŭlgariya
◄ 3 Eurovision Heart

Muzikalen Festival na Bŭlgariya 4, was the fourth edition of the Bulgarian music competition that selected Bulgaria's entry for the Europa Song Contest 9. In the Europa Song Contest 9, it got the XX place in the final with XX points.

On the 16 October 2018 the Head of Delegation of Bulgaria reported that the country would be taking part in the ninth edition and that the fourth edition of Muzikalen Festival na Bŭlgariya would take place to select the country's entry. This was officially confirmed by the Bulgarian broadcaster.

Competing entries

The competing artists were announced all at once on a press conference. The official entries will be presented shortly before their semi-finals, respectively.

Competing entries

The four official entries will be presented in before every show.

Artist Song Language Songwriter(s)
Deep Zone Project "Golden Girls" English1 Lyubomir Savov, Dian Solo, Audentity, Rachel Row
Donna "Мoy" Bulgarian Rado Minev, Denislava Sashova, Donna Bangiozova
Krisko ft. Tita "Iskam Da Buda S Teb" Bulgarian Dexter, Krisko, Misho Shamara
Yoana "Issa Game" English Cristian Tarcea, Silviu Teodor, Roberto Done
"Da Ne Spim" Bulgarian Cristian Tarcea, Roberto Done, Silviu Teodor, Lubo Kirov


  1. ^ Contains some phrases in Bulgarian.


Final – TBA 2018
Draw Artist Song Televote Place
01 Krisko ft. Tita "Iskam Da Buda S Teb"
02 Donna "Мoy"
03 Yoana "Issa Game"
04 Deep Zone Project "Golden Girls"
05 Yoana "Da Ne Spim"

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