Lola Marsh
Lola Marsh Band
Origin Tel Aviv, Israel
Years active 2013-present
Label Anova Music Universal Records-Barclay Sony ATV
Members Gil Landau
Yael Shoshana Cohen
Mati Gilad
Rami Osservaser
Dekel Dvir
Ido Rivlin

Lola Marsh is an Israeli indie-pop band from Tel Aviv. The band was formed as a duo in 2013 by Gil Landau (Guitars, Keyboards) and Yael Shoshana Cohen (Vocals), and was quickly signed by the indie label Anova Music. The band released their first EP, "You're Mine" under Universal Records-Barclay in January 2016.


Gil Landau and Yael Shoshana Cohen met in Tel Aviv through mutual friends.

The idea of the group was first conceived on February 2011 at Gil's birthday party, when they both found themselves outside of the in-crowd party, chanting out melodies while playing on Gil's father's old guitar.

For 18 months they wrote, recorded and performed what would be some of the songs in their future releases. At that point they sought to expand their sound by bringing on additional musicians.

Mati Gilad (Bass), Rami Osservaser (Guitar, Keyboards), Dekel Dvir (Drums and samplers) joined them shortly after. The group started performing in local clubs. They were quickly spotted by the leading local indie label Anova Music who signed the band.

Lola Marsh's music combines deep, warm, nostalgic vocals, heart-on-the-sleeve-lyrics and enchanting guitar melodies. Jason Grishkoff from Indie Shuffle described the band as "Lola Marsh does a superb job of slowly building up... bit by bit into something mesmerizing that has me waiting on bated breath for their debut album."

The band premiered their first single, "Sirens", via Nylon Magazine in March 2015 "The Dreamy Tel Aviv Band's latest song, "Sirens", offers a twist on the typical sweet-yet-gritty indie sound...The track seems ready made for Quentin Tarantino's next film score". it quickly received millions of streams and reached #5 on Spotify’s list of the Top 10 Most Viral Tracks in U.S. The song was later featured in the American TV show Scream.

Following massive performances in leading festivals and after attracting media praise, they signed with Universal Music France and Sony ATV.

The band's second single, "You're Mine" was released in May 2015 via Pigeons and Planes. It garnered over six millions plays on Spotify and landed in the service’s top 3 Most Viral Tracks as well as in the top 3 of Hype Machine’s Most Popular Tracks ranking.

Lola Marsh's debut EP, "You're Mine" was released in January 2016. Soon after, they released their first video to the title song of the EP that was directed by Colin Solal Cardo, who also directed their La Blogotheque session.

In April 2016 the band co-wrote an original song with Madsonik and Keith Power called "Drift And Fall Again", for the soundtrack of the feature film “Criminal".

Their third single, "She's A Rainbow", was released in May 2016.


  • Gil Landau - guitar, vocals
  • Yael Shoshana Cohen - lead vocals, percussion
  • Mati Gilad - bass, vocals
  • Rami Osservaser - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Dekel Dvir - drums, vocals
  • Ido Brian Rivlin - keyboards, vocals
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