The following is a list of languages used in the Europa Song Contest since its inception in 2017, including songs as performed in the semi-finals and the finals.

There is no restriction regarding the language which a song is sung. Any language is allowed for any country. A lot of different languages have been heard throughout the history of the contest. However, most of the songs were performed in English.

List of languages

By first appearance

The table below lists all the languages that appeared in the contest in order of their first appearance. Twenty-two of the languages appeared during the first edition already.

Order Language First
Country First performer First song
1 English #01 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania GJan "Wild"
2 Spanish #01 Flag of Spain Spain La Oreja de Van Gogh "Verano"
3 Italian #01 Flag of Italy Italy Claudia Megrè "Tatuami"
4 Turkish #01 Flag of Turkey Turkey Gülşen "Bangir Bangir"
5 French #01 Flag of Monaco Monaco Caroline Costa "Ailleurs"
6 Portuguese #01 Flag of Portugal Portugal Ella Nor "Não"
7 German #01 Flag of Germany Germany Oonagh "Aulë und Yavanna"
8 Serbian #01 Flag of Serbia Serbia Dunja Ilić "Euforija"
9 Croatian #01 Flag of Croatia Croatia Ivana Banfić "Budi Svoja"
10 Romanian #01 Flag of Moldova Moldova Nicoleta Nuca "Amintiri"
11 Norwegian #01 Flag of Norway Norway Máddji "Dawn Light"
12 Russian #01 Flag of Belarus Belarus Alexander Rybak "Kotik"
13 Greek #01 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Charis Savva ft. Demy "Me Oplo Tin Foni Sou"
14 Hebrew #01 Flag of Israel Israel Arisa ft. Sarit Hadad "Circus"
15 Kazakh #01 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan A-Studio "Here is Love"
16 Faroese #01 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Eivør "Í tokuni"
17 Bulgarian #01 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Dara "Rodena Takava"
18 Armenian #02 Flag of Armenia Armenia Gaya Arzumanyan ft. Sevak Hanagyan "Ayayi Erkir Artsakh"
19 Slovakian #02 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Katarína Knechtová "FEA"
20 Arabic #02 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon The5 "Heya Kida El Haya"
21 Ukrainian #02 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Svetlana Loboda "Your eyes"
22 Albanian #02 Flag of FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia Adelina Tahiri "Dale Kadale"
23 Finnish #02 Flag of Finland Finland Evelina "Kylmii Väreitä"
24 Dutch #02 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Kraantje Pappie "Pompen"
25 Magyar #02 Flag of Hungary Hungary Spoon 21 "Deák"
26 Czech #03 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Kristian "Blázni Století"
27 Lithuanian #03 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Solo Ansamblis "Moteris"
28 Polish #04 Flag of Poland Poland Cleo "Łowcy Gwiazd"
29 Estonian #04 Flag of Estonia Estonia Jüri Pootsmann "Silmades"
30 Azerbaijani #05 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Nigar Jamal "Sus"
31 Montenegrin #06 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Who See "Naselje"
32 Bosnian #07 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Maya Berović "Nisam Normalna"
33 Belarusian #09 Flag of Belarus Belarus Irdorath
34 Georgian #09 Flag of Georgia Georgia Mgzavrebi

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