Le Deva
Le Deva
Origin Italy
  • Pop
Years active 2016-present
  • New Music International
  • dischi Dei Sognatori
  • Greta Manuzi
  • Verdiana Zangaro
  • Roberta Pompa
  • Laura Bono

Le Deva is an Italian female music group formed and active since 2016. It is a quartet composed by Verdiana Zangaro, Greta Manuzi, Roberta Pompa and Laura Bono, who decided in 2017 to officially join under the name of Le Deva.

The Name

In an interview with Radio Italia the four artists declared that the group's name is inspired by the Deva, the nature spirits belonging to the mythology of different cultures; the letter D is also connected to the word woman, followed by the name of the first woman created by God, and the four letters that make up the name refer to the number of members of the band.


The musical project was born from the union of four girls with different professional experiences: Simonetta Spiri, Verdiana Zangaro, Roberta Pompa and Greta Manuzi. The components are linked by the common participation in talent-shows. Greta Manuzi and Verdiana Zangaro have in fact participated in the twelfth edition of the talent-show Friends, ranking second and fourth respectively; Simonetta Spiri participated in the seventh edition of Amici while Roberta Pompa at the seventh edition of X Factor.

The quartet, not yet called Le Deva, publishes its first song, L'amore deserves, on April 1, 2016, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Gay Help Line, contact center antiomophobia and antitransphobia. On the 1st of October the song " L'origine" is published. In February 2017 Simonetta Spiri left the group to devote herself to her solo career, leaving her post to singer Laura Bono.

After having decided to officially join under the name of Le Deva, they publish on May 5, 2017 the song Another idea, first single officer named Le Deva, written by Antonio Maggio, Zibba, Verdiana Zangaro and Marco Rettani.

On 6 October 2017 the group publishes the single Simply you and me . On October 20 of the same year, their first studio album 4 was released, which debuted in fourth place in the album ranking by FIMI . The title of the album refers to the number of artists, but also to the four elements of nature, namely fire, water, earth and air. The album contains, besides two artistic collaborations, also the songs L'amore merita and L'origine, recorded with Laura Bono.

On 12 January 2018 the third single from the album 4 is published , thanks to you . On 18 May of the same year the new single is published, not included in the debut album, entitled Summer all year . The authors include the names of Stefano Paviani and Marco Rettani.


  • 2016 - "L'amore merita" quartet as individual artists and not in the name of Le Deva
  • 2016 - "L'origine" as individual artists and not in the name of Le Deva
  • 2017 - "Un'altra idea"
  • 2017 - "Semplicemente io e te"
  • 2018 - "Grazie a te"
  • 2018 - "L'estate tutto l'anno"
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