Flag of Italy-0
Broadcaster RAI
Selection process Internal selection: 01-07
Sanremo: 08-09
Appearances 9 (6 finals)
Debut ESC #01
Best result 4th: #05, #08
Worst result 17th SF: #07
Italy debuted in the first edition of Europa Song Contest and has participated in every edition since then. The Italian broadcaster, RAI, has been in charge for the country's participation since the first edition. The broadcaster started hosting Sanremo in only one edition.

The contest has been broadcast since the first edition by RAI and had several commentators in charge either for radio or television. The spokespersons have been different since the first edition. Every edition, a Sanremo participant is being offered to announce the votes.


The Italian broadcaster announced that they intended on sending an entry to the Europa Song Contest for the first time in December 2016. Their debut entry was later revealed to be "Tatuami" performed by Claudia Megrè. After be not qualifie for the great final 14th with 36 points.

During the the second edition of the competition it was announced that the italian singer and newcomer Enrico Papi will represent the country in the second edition with her song "Mooseca". He was placed 12th with 97 points in final. Sadly in the 3rd edition, Italy wasn't be qualifie. In the 4th edition Italy finished 13th.

Shortly after the end of the fourth contest, the Italian singer Francesca Michielin was announced to represent the country with the song "Vulcano" in Reykjavík. At semi-final be 1st at Semi-Final with a total of 237. And at great final, Italy be placed 4th with 289. This is the best results ever of Italy and due of this Italy is automaticly qualifie (take part to the big 6) for the six edition in Dnipro.

In Dnipro, Betta Lemme with the song "Bambola" reprensents Italy for be 11th. And finally at the 7th edition in Akranes, Italy realized a bad performance with "Tropicale" by Francesca Michielin be not qualify with 87 points at 17th places.

After the end of the height contest, the HoD annonced the 4th August 2018 in Roma the participation of Italy and normally an internal selection be organized. But for the first time a national selection may be considered, but before that studies should be conducted to find out if this national selection is reasonable with a good budget for RAI.

And finally the 11th August the HoD comfirm a National Selection for the first time called Sanremo. Finally after the national final the song "Da Zero a Cento" performed by Baby K was elected for represent Italy at Sarajevo.

Contestants & Results

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was disqualified
     Did not qualify from the heats
Edn. Host city Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Claudia Megrè "Tatuami"
Failed to qualify
14 36
#02 Flag of Germany Oldenburg Enrico Papi "Mooseca" 12 97 5 86
#03 Flag of Sweden Malmö Tiziano Ferro "Lento/Veloce"
Failed to qualify
11 60
#04 Flag of Greece Thessaloniki Roshelle "Body Adi" 13 210 6 182
#05 Flag of Iceland Reykjavík Francesca Michielin "Vulcano" 4 289 1 237
#06 Flag of Ukraine Dnipro Betta Lemme "Bambola" 11 209 Big 6 member
#07 Flag of Iceland Akranes Francesca Michielin "Tropicale"
Failed to qualify
17 87
#08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Baby K "Da Zero a Cento" 4 305 3 201

Voting history

Italy's voting statistics. The tables list the points given or received by Italy in the semi-finals, the finals and a total of both. However, the points given in Pre-Qualification Rounds are not included.

Italy has given the most points to...
(semi-finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Spain Spain 35
2 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic 29
3 Flag of Russia Russia 27
4 Flag of Germany Germany 25
5 Flag of France France 24

Italy has received the most points from...
(semi-finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 53
2 Flag of Finland Finland 47
3 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 33
4 Flag of Spain Spain 31
5 Flag of Serbia Serbia 28

Italy has given the most points to...
(finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of France France 48
2 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 36
3 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 34
4 Flag of Iceland Iceland 31
5 Flag of Macedonia North Macedonia 29
Flag of Moldova Moldova

Italy has received the most points from...
(finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Estonia Estonia 43
2 Flag of Israel Israel 37
3 Flag of Iceland Iceland 34
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag of Serbia Serbia
4 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 32
Flag of San Marino San Marino
5 Flag of Finland Finland 30
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Italy has given the most points to...
(semi-finals and finals)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of France France 72
2 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 52
3 Flag of Germany Germany 50
4 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic 46
5 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 43

Italy has received the most points from...
(semi-finals and finals)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 85
2 Flag of Finland Finland 77
3 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 63
4 Flag of Serbia Serbia 62
5 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 56

Draw history

Italy has so far competed in a total of 7 shows and 3 semi-finals and five finals. The country has both experienced being in both halves, both events being the final.

Table key
     First half
     Second half
     Not Qualify
     Big 6
Contest Show Draw Show Draw
ESC #1 Grand Final Semi Final 1 05
ESC #2 Grand Final 06 Semi Final 2 01
ESC #3 Grand Final Semi Final 1 02
ESC #4 Grand Final 26 Semi Final 2 05
ESC #5 Grand Final 08 Semi Final 1 13
ESC #6 Grand Final 27 Big 6
ESC #7 Grand Final Semi Final 1 17
ESC #8 Grand Final 19 Semi Final 2 02

Europa Awards

Edn. Category Artist Song
#05 Best Female Artist Francesca Michielin Won

Commentators and spokespersons

Since the third edition there have been different commentators and spokespersons for Italy. However, all the events were broadcasted by RAI, on both radio and television.

The spokespersons have been different in each edition.

Edition(s) Final television commentator Semi-finals television commmentator Radio commentator Spokesperson Broadcaster
ESC 1 Raffaella Carrà and Bob Sinclar Federica Gentile Francesco Gabbani RAI
(TV + Radio)
ESC 2 Flavio Insinna and Federico Russo Eleonora Boi
ESC 3 Andrea Delogu Bianca Balti
ESC 4 Serena Rossi and Federico Russ

Flavio Insinna and Serena Rossi

Eleonora Boi
ESC 6 Filippo Solibello Claudia Andreatti
ESC 7 Linus N/A
ESC 8 Filippo Solibello TBA

Viewing figures

The country participated in 8 shows but broadcast all shows from the first edition until height edition. The country's viewing figures progressed as time passed by and the contest gained more popularity in Italy. The figures greatly increased from the 4th edition due to the start of the Italian participation in the contest.

Edn. Viewers
(Grand Final)
(Semi-final 1)
(Semi-final 2)
#01 0,25m 13 0,07m 17 0,08m 16 0,10m
#02 0,88m 10 0,28m 12 0,75m 10 0,38m
#03 0,74m 11 1,08m 9 0,63 12 0,81
#04 1,17m 8 0,89m 10 1m 10 1m
#05 1,48m 6 1,22m 7 1,06m 8 1,25m
#06 1,87 2 1,36m 5 1,29m 5 1,5m
#07 1,75 3 1,48m 4 1,31m 5 1,51m

Other contests

OGAE Second Chance Contest

Italy made their debut in the height edition (for ESC 8). It was a contest for entries that failed to represent their country in their respective national selections.

Edn. Host city Artist Song Place Points
#08 Flag of Iceland Iceland Alessio Bernabei "Ti ricordi di me?" 2 123

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