Irina Rimes
Irina Rimes
Also known as
  • Irina Rîmeș
  • Irina Remesh
  • Irra
Born (1991-08-22) 22, 1991 (age 28)
Florești District, Moldavian SSR
  • singer
  • songwriter
Years active 2016–present
Label Quantum Music, Universal Music Group

Irina Rimes (born 22 August 1991, Florești District, Moldavian SSR), also known as Irina Remesh or Irra, is a Moldovan singer and songwriter who now works and lives in Bucharest, Romania.

Irina Rimes gained fame after participating in the talent show Fabrica de staruri in Moldova in 2012, where she was a finalist. In 2018, she became one of the four coaches of Vocea României.

Early life and career

1991–2015: Childhood and beginnings in music

Irina was born on 22 August 1991 in the Florești District and is the first child of Valentina and Tudor Rîmeș; she has a younger brother, Vitali. Irina has stated in interviews that her family nourished her interest for music, especially her father and paternal grandmother, the latter of which had a very good voice, according to Irina — "grandma used to be a part of a church choir and I remember how she would sit on the stove and sing carols to us". Rimes manifested an interest towards writing and composing from an early age: "I started writing poetry when I was in grade 0. I remember that I learned to sing, write and read at home." The artist moved to Soroca when she started studying at the "Constantin Stere" Theoretical High School until 2010; she later graduated from the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts in Chișinău. In 2012, Irina Rimes participated in the talent show Fabrica de staruri, where she was a finalist.

2016–present: "Visele" and Despre el

Rimes' first single, "Visele" (The dreams), peaked at #1 in Romania Airplay 100 in 2016 and got her an award for the best début of the year at the Radio România Music Awards in 2017. Rimes has also penned songs for various Romanian artists, such as Inna, Raluka, Andra, Alina Eremia, Nicoleta Nucă and Antonia. The Romanian branch of Cosmopolitan named her "the revelation of 2016". In 2017, Rimes signed a contract with Universal Music France and released her first album, Despre el (About him).



  • Despre el (2017)


As lead artist

Title Single ROU Album
"Visele" 2016 1 Despre el
"Iubirea noastră mută" 2016 84
"Da' ce tu" 2016
"Haina ta" 2016
"Ce s-a întâmplat cu noi" 2017 11
"My Favourite Man" 2017
"Bandana" (feat. Killa Fonic) 2017 Despre el
"Bolnavi amândoi" 2017
"Cosmos" 2017
"Octombrie Roșu" 2017
"Eroii pieselor noastre" 2017
"Beau" 2018
"În locul meu" 2018

As a featured artist

Title Single ROU Album
"I Loved You" (DJ Sava feat. Irina Rimes) 2016 24
"Cupidon" (Guess Who feat. Irina Rimes) 2017 50
"Piesa noastră" (Killa Fonic feat. Irina Rimes) 2017
"Stai lângă mine" (Vunk feat. Irina Rimes) 2017

As a songwriter for other artists

Year Song Artist Co-writers Album
2016 „Ieri erai” Raluka Raluca Nistor
Theea Miculescu
Alexandru Antonescu
Marius Ivancea
„Zbor” Raluka Raluca Nistor
Catalin Tamazlicaru
Andrei Ioniță
„Cum ar fi?” Inna Alexandra Apostoleanu
2017 „Dor de tine” Antonia Alex Cotoi
„Poartă-mă” Alina Eremia
„Sunt puternică” Andra Iubirea schimbă tot
„Minte-mă” Karmen Achi Petre
Vlad Lucan
„Du-mă spre noi” Raluka
„Ai uitat cine ești” Nicoleta Nucă
2018 „Nu acum” Ilinca
„CSF, n-ai CSF” Ana Baniciu
„Undone” Raluka Nicoleta Gavriliță
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