Follow The Flow
Follow The Flow
Origin Hungary
  • Hip-hop
  • Rap
  • Band
Years active 2017-present
  • Fura Csé
  • BLR
  • Gergő Szakács's

Follow The Flow is a formidable form of the Fura Csé and BLR , which has already been recognized and acknowledged by the hip-hop scene of Hungary , and its final appearance was achieved by Gergő Szakács's joining. The band's freshly-sounding, always-to-be-talked songs, soon became exciting and cool spots for Hungarian light music.


The Follow The Flow name is compulsory: the guys follow the flow that floats them toward writing better songs than ever. The result of this stream is the last Friday's release with which the band has probably debuted its most popular song ever since, "Nobody knows!" After the end of the weekend, he has nearly 300,000 views on Youtube, and he has also put the 1st place in the category "Picked up".

As the title of the song shows, "No one knows," the way the members of the FTF walked and what inspirations, experiences, learning, or even suffering, they got to where they are now.

What's more, this music is all of us, since there are so many people, lives and experiences.

The "Nobody knows" embraces the lifestyle and the positive attitude, so it can easily rise to a height after the premiere. Perhaps the spring could not have been better!

2018-Europa Song Contest

The Hungarian broadcaster choose her internally to represent Hungary in the eighth edition of the Europa Song Contest held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the song "Plátói".

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