Europa Song Contest 9
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Semi-final 1 date TBD October/November 2018
Semi-final 2 date TBD October/November 2018
Final date TBD November/December 2018
Entries 18 (to date)
Debuting None
Returning Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Withdrawing None
System Each country awards two sets of 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting.
Winner Cancelled
The Contest is closed! I have an amazing life without this contest or the forum... the Winner of the 8th edition was Andorra! Congrats. and good bye
Europa Song Contest
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Europa Song Contest 9, often referred to as ESC 9, will be the ninth edition of the Europa Song Contest. The contest will most likely be hosted in the winning country of the eighth edition.

Participating countries

The following countries have expressed their provisional interest in participating in the contest:

Country Artist Song Selection Process
Flag of Andorra Andorra TBA
Flag of Australia Australia TBD TBD October 2018 TBD TBD October 2018 The Next Voice 04
Flag of Belarus Belarus Irdorath TBD TBD October 2018 Bielarusika 9
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Muzikalen Festival na Bŭlgariya 4
Flag of Croatia Croatia TBD TBD October 2018 TBD TBD October 2018 Dora II
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Internal selection
Flag of France France Une Chanson pour la France 3
Flag of Georgia Georgia Mgzavrebi TBD TBD October 2018 Sakartvelo Gadatsqvets 01
Flag of Iceland Iceland Kaleo TBD TBD October 2018 Söngvakeppnin 5
Flag of Italy Italy TBA
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan TBA
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon TBA
Flag of Russia Russia TBA
Flag of Serbia Serbia Beovizija 1
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia TBA
Flag of Sweden Sweden Melodifestivalen 9
Flag of Turkey Turkey Türk Müzik Yarışması 3
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine TBA

Other countries

Further information: List of countries in the Europa Song Contest

Countries that are active members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are also eligible to participate in the Europa Song Contest. As in every edition, an invitation to all the members have been sent in order to confirm whether they will participate or not. The following list of countries declined stating their reasons as shown below.

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